The Sacristán Mena family vineyard is located in the town of La Seca, in the province of Valladolid. The area is characterised by its extreme and continental climate, with influence from the Atlantic. It has arid properties, with an average annual rainfall of 300 to 500 mm, temperatures that range from -13°C to 40°C mark and even 2,600 hours of actual sunshine each year. In terms of its latitude, the area remains within the Mediterranean region. However, due to an altitude close to 700 mts., it is considered to be under continental influence. All of the aforementioned climatic conditions -extreme cold during the winter, a great temperature differential between day and night in the summertime and numerous hours of sunshine- provide exceptional conditions for the cultivation of vines.

The vineyard is located on the first alluvial and flood terraces on the banks of the river Duero; these grounds belonging to the Tertiary Age. It is a valuable plot of land, with greyish-brown soil and pebbles in abundance, easy to work, well aerated and drains easily. Permeable and healthy, its texture varies in between silty sand and loamy. The earth is poor, but with great depth and the heat and arid conditions on the surface contrast with the freshness and richness underneath.

The combination of climate, soil and the autochthonous varieties of Verdejo and Tempranillo, seals the strength and complexity of the wines from the Ababol Cellars.
A traditional vineyard with organic cultivation
The vineyard is composed of 50 hectares which have been divided into segments: 29.5 Ha of Verdejo, 18 Ha of Tempranillo and 1.5 Ha of Cabernet Sauvignon. Since the 2008 campaign, the entire estate has been cultivated organically and it is currently undergoing conversion to the CAECYL -Consejo de la Agricultura Ecológica de Castilla y León [Council of Organic Agriculture for Castilla and León]- certified Organic Farming (Agricultura Ecológica).

Goblet-pruned, dry-farmed and in low density -from 1,000 to 2,000 feet/ha-, the cultivation process combines observation and patience with a mechanical and manual working of the ground, sulphur-based mineral treatments and vegetable treatments with nettle, cereal, valerian, field horsetail and comfrey.

The fruit of this care is a set of self-regulating vines, with an average production of somewhere in between 4,000 and 6,000 kg of grape/hectare.
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